A dynamic environment where hard and soft skills
are transferred and strengthened through experience.
About Habeetat

Habeetat is a container of educational projects dedicated to innovation issues which aims at accompanying people in their personal and professional growth.

A contamination ground open to the community; a scenario for the cultural enrichment of the territory.

Who is it aimed at?

Young adults/trainees (+17) following study programmes focused on development, design, digital transformation, business strategy.

To professionals who want to improve their hard and soft skills.

What do we do?

Training on innovation, development, design, digital transformation, business strategy.

Dynamic paths where hard and soft skills are conveyed and enhanced through experience and simulative processes.

Habeetat is a combination of favourable conditions that foster the development of individuals, a context that allows the cycle of growth and knowledge to begin.

Educational programmes dedicated to topics surrounding the weBeetle ecosystem: development, digital transformation, design, business strategy, soft skill enhancement.

Courses strongly characterised by the use of methodologies that emphasise the choral dimension of learning (Learning by Doing, Situated Learning Episodes (EAS), Project Based Learning) enabling participants to immediately put into practice what they have learnt.

Intensive Workshops

Theoretical and practical workshops dedicated to a specific topic in where an expert transfers his/her knowledge by working together with the participants so that they can use it immediately.

The workshops are based on cooperation, on a two-way exchange between lecturer and learners. Participants become the main actor/actress of the course itself.

Research workshops

Project experiences built on methodologies that facilitate brainstorming, exchange of ideas and participation. The aim is to search in groups for answers to important questions for the development of new projects.

Habeetat School

The weBeetle Habeetat School is a learning experience which takes place entirely in presence in the weBeetle Habeetat Innovation Hub.

The training course is dedicated to boys and girls who want to become developers. At the end of the course you will be able to programme with a modular approach using the Javascript language. You will be able to create a complete web application, from the interface to the database, using popular frameworks such as Fastify and React, using HTML, CSS, JSX, JavaScript and Node.js.

Learning phase Project Phase Final event

The Habeetat School is divided into a Learning Phase and a Project Phase. The Learning Phase lasts eight weeks (64 hours). The project phase lasts one month. The project will be presented during a final event.

Habeetat Café

Meetings dedicated to the dissemination of innovation topics. The objective of Habeetat Café is to narrow the communication space between the world of innovation and society by making sectoral topics more understandable and accessible.

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